Internet users tend to value their privacy and security, and rightfully so. With the abundance of identity theft, credit card fraud and spam communications that litter the Web, consumers have been conditioned to take an extremely cautious approach when it comes to protecting their personal information.

If your company has a website, you will go a long way toward connecting with potential customers by letting all visitors know that they can feel safe doing business with you online.

Read on and we will provide some tips for ensuring that you have a secure website, and even more importantly, communicating that security to anyone who stops by.

Security for Ecommerce Sites

Do you sell products or services directly through your site? Security measures for any type of transactional web page need to be a primary consideration. Any time a customer has to share his or her credit card information in order to make a purchase, there is some level of risk involved. Help mitigate that risk for them by taking these steps to build trust.

Keep your site looking professional

Investing time and money to make sure that your site, and especially all pages within your checkout funnel, give a professional appearance is a no-brainer. If a company doesn’t bother with putting in the effort to polish the aesthetics and functionality of its online home, how can a visitor trust that the appropriate measures have been taken to deter wrongdoing and protect data?

Feature badges and certifications for online security brands

You have probably seen badges like the ones pictured below while checking out for online purchases in the past. These symbols have proven to be very important in terms of earning trust. In one survey, a whopping 61 percent of online shoppers said they abandoned their carts because the site did not have trust logos. Popular and recognizable brands include McAfee, VeriSign and ScanAlert.

secure website logos

Accept payments through third-party vendors

Research shows that online shoppers are often more comfortable making payments through services such as PayPal and Google Wallet because they add an extra level of security and also provide credibility for your online store. Most often, people have experience using these platforms, so trust has already been established, and they don’t need to type their credit card number directly into an unfamiliar website’s form.

Make your contact info easy to find

You can give your customers a lot more peace of mind by letting them know that if they have any issues, they can easily contact your business and get them resolved. Feature your contact info prominently on your checkout page, with a guarantee that you’ll quickly address any type of payment problem that might arise.

Security for General Websites

Even if you don’t conduct business online, it is still important to convey a secure website, because this is your digital storefront and a key opportunity to establish a trustworthy identity for your brand. Regardless of what your objectives are in the digital space, make sure that you are squared away with the following items.

Assure visitors that their contact information will not be shared

Internet users can be timid about sharing email addresses or other contact information, for fear that this data might fall into the wrong hands and be used for undesired marketing purposes. If you have a contact form, or an email sign-up, or any such opportunity for a visitor to input sensitive info, include a guarantee that whatever they provide will remain private.

Business handshakeMake your “About Us” page transparent, honest and comprehensive

Sections on your website such as an “About Us” or “Meet Our Team” page can help humanize your company, making you more relatable to the average consumer. Talk about the story of your business and include pictures of employees and executives.

Include customer testimonials and case studies

You don’t have to convince visitors that your company can be trusted when you can let satisfied previous customers relay that message for you. A strong set of glowing testimonials from real people who have successfully utilized your services will go a long way toward building positive assurance with individuals that may be unfamiliar with your company. One study showed that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You Can Trust in Us!

At Top Source Media, earning and sustaining the trust of our clients is a top priority, and one way we do that is by making sure those clients can earn and sustain the trust of their customers! If you want to be confident that you have a fully secure website that helps build trust with potential customers, contact the experts today!