Taylor Gray


My previous experience:

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Before starting at TSM, I was in the food industry working my way on up through managing and doing some marketing as well. I am originally from a small town in IL where they don’t even use computers. 

I love working at TSM because…

Everyone is very friendly and gets along with one another. It is nice to be excited to come to work because it is such a fun and positive work atmosphere. A free lunch every day is always a plus too!

When I’m not at work, my favorite things to do are…

Outside of work I love going to concerts, traveling when I can, and hanging out with some friends as well as visit my family. Some of my hobbies include sleeping in too long, spending a ridiculous amount of money at Sephora, alphabetizing my record collection, and obsessively cleaning my apartment while blaring music.


Air Drumming43%
Spoiling My Cat Ruby17%


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