Emma Larson


My previous experience:

I’ve done a variety of jobs, including working in food service, being a camp counselor, working in a library, and managing at Target.  After I graduated college I lived for a year near St. Petersburg, Russia, and worked as a TEFL teacher, which was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  

I love working at TSM because…

The work at TSM is challenging and I have learned a lot about writing, web design, and even PhotoShop.  The environment, however, is casual and fun.  I love being surrounded by like-minded people around my own age.  Everyone is extremely supportive and willing to give you an idea or lend a hand.  And who doesn’t like spontaneous ping pong and catered lunches?  You don’t have ping pong balls flying into your work space when you have a cubicle!

When I’m not at work, my favorite things to do are…

I love reading and writing, of course.  Most of my free time in high school and college was also occupied by music, namely violin and choir.  Other than that, I am an avid movie-goer, an 80% vegan (20% dessert-lover) and British television nerd.  I also speak Spanish (not very well), Russian (or Russlish) and occasionally use American Sign Language.  My language of choice, however, is road-trip singalong. 

Harry Potter Trivia94%
Political Facebooking67%


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