Ashley Schuette


My previous experience:

I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a bachelor’s in marketing. I really got into the digital world my last year in college, so I took on the challenge of creating a few ground up websites for some local businesses.

I love working at TSM because…

I don’t have to wear a name tag. Everyone knows each other’s name and striking up a convo with just about anyone is real easy to do.

When I’m not at work, my favorite things to do are…

Repurpose old furniture, be outdoors, and bake. I’m a total DIYer, so repurposing furniture allows me to be creative and not to mention thrift store shopping is my getaway. There’s many things I like to do outdoors, but in the summer you can find me at the lake or the most probable place would be the nearest garage sale.

In the fall you can find me in a deer stand. In the winter you can find me building a snowman and in the spring you can find me at the nearest garden center picking out plants to fill my pots I bought at all the summer garage sales. But when I’m not outdoors my favorite thing to do indoors is bake.

Social Media Marketing76%
Dog Petting94%


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