Benefits of Pinterest for SEO Marketing
Using Pinterest for SEO

The first time I heard of Pinterest I had zero interest in using it. My understanding was that it was a way to scrapbook things digitally rather than having to deal with the mess of cutting and pasting photos together. Just hearing about the concept of Pinterest made it seem like something that would largely […]

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Should You Use Instagram for Marketing?

Should you use Instagram for marketing? In a recent study released by E-Marketer, the photo sharing application Instagram has over taken Twitter in popularity among smart phone users. E-Marketer claims nearly 35 million Americans use Instagram at least once a month compared to 30.8 million using Twitter’s mobile app. Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, […]

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The Power of Twitter

For those of you that watched the 2014 Grammy Awards you were sure to have seen rapper/producer Pharrell wearing an odd hat. His hat became a trending topic on social media and thousands of tweets were sent regarding the hat that looked like it was taken from Smokey the Bear’s closet. Arby’s used the buzz […]

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