Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click

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For some companies, organic rankings may not result in an immediate impact on your business. In many cases, it can take several months before organic SEO can make a difference in your rankings. If you are looking to see quicker results you may want to consider a combination of Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO.

There are several instances where PPC might give you a better return on your investment. It all boils down to your industry type and your target audience. With a well developed campaign you will get the most out of your ad budget and draw in more customers.

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Grow with Pay Per Click Marketing.

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How Does PPC Work?

At Top Source Media, we first take a look at your marketing goals and budget, then determine whether or not PPC is a logical approach within your industry and targeted market

If PPC is the better choice for you, we will begin doing extensive research and marketing analysis to get a better idea of how to help your business gain quality traffic. We carefully tweak your ads and the ad budget we set, so that your business appears on top through the keywords chosen.

Once your ads begin to appear, we keep a close eye on your traffic and optimize campaigns so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth. We will then tweak your campaigns by lowering the cost-per-click and bounce rate while increasing your click-through rates.

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We’ll Help You:

  • Create a new ad campaign
  • Build, measure and implement quality campaigns
  • Rebuild any existing ad campaigns
  • Track conversion rates
  • Help reach your target market with each ad campaign
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