This article takes a look at the fundamentals of content marketing and how Top Source Media’s content marketing services can help build search traffic to your website. In this post, we’ll take a look at actual numbers produced through Top Source Media’s content marketing services as a case study for what can be achieved with hard work and patience.

Rather than relying on traditional marketing tools or banner ads, our content marketing services focus on using engaging content to sell products and services. This allows us to bypass consumer blinders to traditional online advertisements and deliver your message directly to consumers.

Two main SEO benefits of content marketing:

1) More pages means more ranking opportunities.

The math here is simple. If you were to write ten articles on a topic, you’d be ten times as likely to be discovered than if you had only written one. Not only does having more pages on your website create more opportunities for people to find your content in the search engines, but it also gives you more opportunities to rank for keywords that you’d like to target. For example, you may have noticed that our last two blog posts were on the topic of local SEO. With each of these articles taking a slightly different angle on local SEO, it gives us an opportunity to get ranked for different keywords within the topic of local SEO.

2) Relevant, high quality content is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor.

Google’s algorithm, in particular, has changed rapidly in recent years. Instead of looking at keywords as being separate from the rest of the content, Google’s algorithm is constantly being improved to recognize keywords in context. If you were to write a blog post on SEO and include random unrelated keywords in your copy, for example, your blog post’s ranking ability is going to be considerably lower than a blog post dedicated entirely to some aspect of SEO on a website dedicated to SEO.

So how do you market your services and products through content marketing?
Let’s say you were to read this article without the opening italicized paragraph and had no idea I’d be talking about Top Source Media’s content marketing services. This is the point in the article where I would start to demonstrate the effectiveness of content marketing. In this case, I’m going to use an example of what our content marketing services can do for you with an actual example. Then, I would kindly recommend our content marketing services by pointing out that they start at just $80 a post (and also come standard with our all inclusive SEO packages)! Lastly, I would set up a nice call to action and gently nudge you toward our contact page.

Content Marketing Services Case Study

Pictured below is a screenshot of a current Top Source Media client’s search traffic data from December 28, 2013 to March 28, 2014. This particular client reached out to us in December of 2013 for a content marketing campaign that would target dozens of related keywords within their niche. Between January and June of 2014, Top Source Media researched and wrote about these topics on behalf of the client and submitted 120 articles to the client’s website. (Due to the nature of the client’s niche, all post submissions were overseen by the client at their request.)

As you can see in the graph above, the client’s search impressions and clicks started to rise dramatically toward mid-February 2013 — about a month and a half into the content marketing campaign. Below, is a screenshot of the same client’s search traffic data from July 31st (a month after the client’s content marketing campaign ended) to October 29th. As you can see, even though the client is no longer investing time or money into their campaign, they’re still reaping the benefits of their campaign.

Compared to the previous time period, the client now sees a 493% increase in incoming search queries, a 249% increase in impressions and a 3104% increase in incoming search traffic.

[box]In most cases, you won’t see overnight results like you might with a well put together PPC campaign (unless your content were to blow up on social media), but a well put together content marketing campaign can deliver long-term results that will last long after the initial investment.[/box]

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