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Ambitious to Learn?

At Top Source Media, the primary main focus of our candidate selection is on the person and determining if they will make a good fit for our culture.  We’re a small and growing company.  Our employees are our most valuable asset, therefore, we’re quite selective when it comes to the people and personalities that we bring to our team. 

With basic computer skills and a basic understanding of the internet, we can train anyone who wants to learn how to do the job.  We favor personality, attitude and ability over experience and skills.  Our ideal candidates have outgoing personalities, strong work ethics, like to have fun at work and work hard when they’re doing their jobs.

Enjoy a flexible work atmosphere?

We have an outstanding culture that provides a casual and fun environment for our employees.   If you don’t mind working in an open area, listening to music throughout the day and aren’t easily distracted by flying ping pong balls, this might be the job you’re looking for.   There’s no dress code, other than you have to come dressed.   Work schedules are flexible, you set your start time (between 7am and 10am) and you go home after 8 hours.  Lunch is paid for and provided to you daily, and you’re on the clock for your lunch break.

They say happy employees work harder and we put a lot of effort into making employees happy to be here.  Because of the nature of the work we do and the amount of time we’re tied to our computers, we provide a variety of activities and encourage everyone to get away from their desks and socialize by playing darts, shooting pool or stepping up to the ping pong table.