We're an internet marketing company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a range of interests from video games, interior design, and dancing to baseball, art, and hiking, we like to think our diversity allows us to think critically and give each other feedback from a completely different point of view. We're specifically great at:

Web Design
Content Writing

At TSM, we believe having breaks to get up and move makes us even more productive. We have ping pong, pool, video games, a dart board, puzzles, outdoor walking paths, and more. We have desks, too.

Internet marketing is a pretty broad term so we'll break it down for you. These are the services we expertly provide:

Search Engine Optimization
We use proven, sophisticated techniques to get top ranks on popular search engines.
Reporting and Analytics
We utilize a plethora of programs to analyze our sites from head to footer with the best data analysts out there.
Web Design and Content Writing
We create and manage hundreds of websites. We strive to make strides in on-page SEO innovations.

What's the Latest News

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Google AMP – What is it?

AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages and that is exactly what you get with Google’s latest update to mobile web browsing. While browsing on a mobile device, at the very top of the page, have you ever noticed headlines that can be scrolled through from left to right, sometimes titled “Top Stories”? Well if […]

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22 Crazy Social Media Marketing Stats

With ubiquitous adoption, social media marketing is clearly an absolute necessity for businesses attempting to grow in today’s digital environment. Here we share some eye-opening statistics that could help inform your decision-making as you try to chart a path in the social space.

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Twitter Keeps Growing as a Business Tool

For our money, Twitter is the most effective social tool for business purposes. New developments are continually improving the social network’s standing as a tool for reaching and connecting with targeted audiences.

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Number of Websites Ranked on the First Page
Number of Hard-working employees

We like to think we have the best location in Minneapolis, but we know it can be a little hard to find.

225 Thomas Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55405
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